Legislative and regulatory challenges often hit small businesses the hardest, as they have fewer resources to research and comply with new laws and regulations.

According to Paychex President and CEO, Martin Mucci, “With so many regulatory changes and legislative reforms either proposed or slated to take effect in the coming months, it can be challenging for busy small-business owners to keep up with where things stand. Our summary of the year’s most important regulatory developments is designed to help small business owners understand how new regulations will affect their businesses in 2018.”

Here are the top 10 regulatory issues for 2018:

#1 Tax Reform
#2 State Reaction to Federal Tax Reform
#3 The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
#4 Paid Leave Laws
#5 Employee Verification
#6 Overtime Regulations
#7 Pay Equity
#8 Privacy
#9 State and Municipality Retirement Plans
#10. Payment Evolution

Review the entire Paychex list with detailed analysis here.

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