All 401(k) plan administrators have a Form 5500 deadline coming July 31, 2014. Administrators need to make sure that their Form 5500 has been filed for the previous year. For all calendar year 2013 plans, your Form 5500 must be electronically filed by the July 31, 2014, deadline.

Large plans, which are generally those with more than 100 participants, should start the filing process sooner rather than later, and are required to file audited financial statements along with the Form 5500. Third-party administrators and custodians will provide an audit package and certified trust report, which are needed in order to conduct the plan audit. Be sure to reach out to your 401(k) plan audit firm well in advance in order to make the July 31 deadline.

Please contact Greg Askey or Charles Deppe if you have any questions or if you need assistance.

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