How well the economy is recovering from the “great recession” is debatable. And in spite of an increase in charitable giving in 2013, two recent surveys paint a troubling picture for the nonprofit sector. The 2014 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey*, involving more than 5,000 nonprofits, revealed the following:

  • 80% experienced an increase in demand for services in 2013 -for the sixth straight year.
  • 56% were unable to meet demands in 2013.
  • 55% had three months or less cash on hand.
  • 41% said achieving long-term financial stability is a top challenge.

On the positive side, organizations responded to the continuing stress in several ways:

  • 49% collaborated with another organization to improve or increase services.
  • 48% invested money or time in professional development.
  • 40% improved efficiency by upgrading hardware or software.

Many organizations rely heavily on the government to pay for the services they provide. A recent study by The Urban Institute** examined trends in government contracts. According to that study:

  • 54% said payments do not cover the full cost of contracted services.
  • 72% said application and reporting processes are too complicated.
  • 44% reported that agencies change their contracts midway through the contract period.
  • 45% complained of late payments.

The study went on to show that funding cuts caused 38% of the organizations to end 2012 with a deficit. As a result, over half of them froze or reduced employees’ salaries, and 42% dipped into their financial reserves. Surprisingly, only 11% reduced services or programs.

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* Conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund
** The National Study of Nonprofit-Government Contracts and Grants 2013: State Profiles, April 2014, The Urban Institute

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