The IRS has delayed individual tax filing for 2021 until May 17. Read more here. Although that doesn’t affect individual states, many are choosing to offer the same relief the IRS has. Is your state included? Unfortunately, there is no one official place taxpayers can go for a universal list; the only way to be sure is to check each state government’s site.

Changes are happening very quickly; indeed, major news organizations have been announcing postponements hours before web administrators were able to update state government websites!

Below are two resources. Note that these sites are not official; you have to check your state’s site. However, these sites do have links. Don’t assume that because your state is not listed, there is no postponement. California, Virginia and New York, for example, have all announced postponements, but not every news site has caught up yet.

Also, a postponement may not affect every situation. For example, the IRS postponement does not change the April 15 due date for estimated taxes. Look closely for exceptions in your state.

Useful Websites for Tax Postponements:

If your state has not changed its deadline yet, be sure to check regularly. We will post more information as it becomes available.

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