Are your patients satisfied with their treatment and care at your practice? Satisfied patients tend to follow your medical recommendations, feel valued, and return for follow-up care. More often than not, getting a few things right consistently is all it takes to increase patient satisfaction levels.

Review Your Hours of Operation

Many patients who are employed may find it difficult to get time off during the workday for doctor visits. Offer early morning, evening, and/or weekend appointments to accommodate these individuals and your practice may earn an enormous amount of patient goodwill.

Return Calls Promptly

Patients who call asking to speak to a nurse or physician should have their calls returned as promptly as possible. Practices that set aside one or two specific periods during the day when medical staff can return calls generally have much higher levels of patient satisfaction.

Offer Online Services

With smart phones and tablets so prevalent, it only makes sense to give patients the option to schedule appointments online. And if you are confident in your security measures, you could consider giving patients the option of completing and submitting new patient registration forms online. Your Web-savvy patients will appreciate the convenience and your practice won’t have to spend so much time obtaining and entering data at the time of the patient’s visit.

Eliminate Patient Wait Times

Waiting to see a physician can be a source of significant patient dissatisfaction. Your practice may need to review the number of patients it schedules to see each physician per day or expand office hours if bottlenecks in patient flow are common.

Make Paying Convenient

Offer a variety of payment methods — credit and debit cards as well as checks or cash — and you may find that patients are more likely to pay their balance.

Enhancing your patients’ experience with your practice can have a positive impact on your practice’s bottom line. It takes time to get the details right, but the end result can make the effort worthwhile.

Contact Bob Baldassari, MCB’s Medical Practice tax and consulting leader, for a best practice review of your medical practice and tax planning and compliance services.

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