Cybersecurity is not just for major companies. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Because they lack the big security budgets of large companies, they are seen as easy prey by digital information thieves and corporate espionage experts. An attack could cause major disruptions and cost $10,000 or more, a large amount for a small business.

Below are some ways for a small business to protect against cyberattacks and information leaks without breaking the bank:

    1. Use smart passwords. This is the cheapest and simplest move. Using better passwords will make it harder for a would-be hacker to target networks. A “better” password should be highly complex, difficult to guess and at least eight characters. For passwords, longer is better. Passwords with mixed uppercase and lowercase letters and numerical symbols are harder to crack.
    2. Explain the importance of mobile device cybersecurity. All employees should be educated on the importance of mobile device security. This is especially important if employees are tech savvy or if the company allows employees to connect to an internal network via a personal device. Small businesses should manage what devices employees are allowed to use on internal networks, what is allowed to go on those devices and use encryption appropriately.
    3. Educate employees about the appropriate use of social media. Companies should allow employees to post online about the company in a positive way, but employees who use social media to careless can give away sensitive details about a firm’s internal business.
    4. Look at cybersecurity from a risk management perspective. Identify what should be protected (i.e., what would impact your business the most).

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